Final Cut Pro for iPad review: still rendering

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The long-awaited iPad version of Final Cut Pro is here and, with it, a touch-friendly design and accessible pricing. But if you’re coming from Final Cut on the Mac, you might be a little disappointed. #technology #editing #ipad

0:00 Intro
0:24 System requirements (A12, A12X, M1, M2)
1:06 File management (supported files, importing, 360 video)
1:47 FCP Workspaces and layout
2:38 Animation (keyframing)
3:24 New features — Live Drawing & Auto Scene Removal mask
4:54 Audio, volume & music editing
5:45 Color adjustments & LUTs. DaVinci Resolve
7:34 Handheld editing (Jog Wheel)
8:11 Editing with Magic Keyboard – shortcuts
8:54 Performance & battery life
9:17 Conclusion

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