How It REALLY Feels to Use a Quest Pro for Work

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Meta’s mixed-reality headset is designed for work and meetings with Horizon Workrooms. I put it to the test for a month.

Find the Meta Quest Pro here:
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00:00 Intro
01:11 Setting Up Workroom Station
01:35 Using Multiple Virtual Monitors
02:53 Virtual Keyboards
03:47 Passthrough and Draw Tools
04:10 Workroom Environments
05:16 Extended Sessions with the Quest Pro
05:32 Some Glitches
07:39 Workroom Avatar
07:49 Horizon Workroom Meeting
09:29 Workroom Features
09:57 Whiteboard
10:43 Facial Expressions with Quest Pro
11:09 Offline Avatars
11:15 The Future of Collaborative Meetings?

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