Inside the US government’s battle to ban TikTok

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For nearly three years, the US government has tried to ban TikTok. Concerns over the app’s alleged risks to national security have spanned two presidential administrations and forged alliances among Republicans and Democrats. At a time of heightened partisanship, TikTok and its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, have become the focus of anti-China policy — a convenient villain most lawmakers are prepared to fight.

So last month, The Verge went to Washington, DC, to meet with lawmakers, creators, and civil rights experts. We wanted to find out whether the federal government would finally ban TikTok… and how the fight is affecting the internet at large. #tiktok #technology #news

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0:00 The drama with TikTok
1:19 Why Senator Mark Warner doesn’t trust TikTok
2:40 TikTok’s history with the US Government
3:36 The RESTRICT act
4:26 The people fighting to keep TikTok in the US
6:30 The TikTok hearing
9:04 Civil rights experts weigh in
11:24 Conclusion

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