Lenovo made a rolling laptop

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Lenovo showed off two new rollable devices at Mobile World Congress 2023. The first was its rollable laptop that was first teased last October. When fully unrolled, Lenovo’s rollable laptop has a 15.3-inch display with an 8:9 aspect ratio, which the company points out is like having two 16:9 displays on top of one another. But we still don’t know details on battery life, durability, or weight, so it’s clear they’re still far from ready for a public release.

Lenovo also announced a rolling phone. When all neatly rolled up, Lenovo’s Motorola rollable offers a 5-inch display with a 15:9 aspect ratio. Then, with a small double tap of a side button, the screen unfurls to give you a remarkably tall 6.5-inch display with a 22:9 aspect ratio. Lenovo would be the first to admit that its rollable concept devices are far from ready for prime time, but they offer a compelling argument for an alternative, rollable future. #Lenovo #MWC #MWC2023

0:00 – Forget folding!
0:20 – Lenovo’s Rolling Laptop
4:21 – Lenovo’s Rolling Phone

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