Meta Quest Pro review: A next-gen headset for the VR faithful

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Compared to the Quest 2, the Quest Pro features a ton of upgraded tech and VR capabilities including a Qualcomm XR2+ chip, full-color pass-through cameras, and 10 sensors scattered across the headset for improved object detection and hand/finger tracking. The Quest Pro also has brand-new optics that are 40 percent thinner than Meta’s previous headset while delivering a 90Hz refresh rate and a high resolution of 1,800 x 1,920 pixels per eye. Unfortunately, while the Quest Pro represents a huge step up in terms of specs and features, its high price of $1,500 and a lack of optimized apps (at least at launch) make it a hard sell for all but the most die-hard VR enthusiasts.

– Excellent optics
– Comfortable and easy to put on
– Surprisingly good battery life
– Sold built-in speakers with spatial sound
– Included wireless charging dock
– Sophisticated interior and exterior sensors

– Very expensive
– Somewhat heavy
– Currently not a lot of optimized apps
– Scene understanding can get confused in cluttered rooms

Engadget score: 83

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