Optimus Is Back! This Transformers Robot Is Smaller, Cheaper – but Is It Still Good?

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Robosen rolls out a smaller version of its auto-transforming Transformers robot. It’s less expensive, but is the experience just as good? Bridget Carey lets the models battle it out.
You can find Optimus here:
Robosen Elite Optimus Prime:
Robosen Flagship Optimus Prime
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00:00 Optimus returns!
00:55 Robot showdown!
01:30 Collector’s Edition
02:16 Are they very similar?
02:43 Voice controls
04:00 Accessories
05:00 Auto-converting trailer
06:07 Collector’s Edition app
07:25 Gym-bro Optimus
07:49 Elite Edition app
09:28 Differences and similarities
10:36 Other Robosen Transformers
10:50 What other robots should Robosen make?
11:19 Roll out!

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