Porsche’s EV future: Half of all Porsche will be electrified by 2025

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Porsche has a hit on its hands. The Taycan has impressed the industry with the automaker’s ability to curb the effects of a large battery on handling. It’s a true Porsche that just happens to be an EV. But like every other OEM it can’t throw one electric car out into the market and call it a day.

During a trip to Italy, Porsche unveiled details of its next electric platform, and how it’ll affect the upcoming Macan EV, and threw us in the GT4 ePerformance racecar for a hot lap at its Porsche Experience Center. If you’re worried about the future of Porsche, don’t be. As they have proven time and time again, when it comes to engineering, they got this.

The biggest revelation was how the PPE platform will help Porsche bring the new Macan to market with features you’d expect from the automaker. For example, the placement of the rear motor is behind the rear axle gives the SUV a more sporty rear-bias feel. The Macan will also receive rear-wheel steering.

But there’s also the sports cars and if they’re just a fraction of what we experienced sitting in the passenger seat of the GT4 E, the traditional Porsche is is good hands.

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