PSVR 2 Review: Best VR Experience I’ve had

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The PlayStation 5 gets VR at last, and the PSVR 2 has some fantastic features. But it’s tethered: get used to it.

0:00 Intro
0:43 Benefits of the PS VR2
1:00 Headset Display and Graphics
1:57 Eye Tracking
2:36 PS VR2 Sense Controllers
3:32 Games Available at Launch
4:07 PS VR Game Compatablility
4:55 PS VR2 Release Date
5:11 PS VR2 Price
5:49 The PS VR2 USB-C Cable
6:02 PS VR2 Audio Quality
6:50 Wearing Glasses Inside the Headset
7:16 PS VR2 Interface Control Buttons
7:40 Setting Up the VR Boundrey
8:00 Wrap-Up and Outro

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