Sonos Sub Mini review: The practical sub we’ve been waiting for

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Finally, Sonos has a subwoofer that’s more affordable and practical for smaller spaces, the Sub Mini. It only took 10 years to get here. Sonos’ original wireless Sub, which debuted in 2012, has always been targeted at its most hardcore users. With a launch price of $699, it was just as expensive as the company’s flagship Playbar, and its enormous size made it overkill for apartments. (It’s now $50 more after Sonos’ recent price hikes.)

Casual Sonos fans were basically out of luck, especially as the company released more affordable soundbars, like the Beam and Ray. You probably wouldn’t want to pair a $699 subwoofer with a speaker that costs $400 or less. Simply put, the $429 Sub Mini fills a huge gap in Sonos’s lineup. But is it actually any good?

Pros: Excellent bass for its size, Small and easy to move, Relatively affordable, Syncs with Sonos wired speakers easily.

Cons: Doesn’t support the Sonos Move.

Engadget Score: 87

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