Sony ZV-1 II vs. Canon V10: battle of the vlogging camera

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After fleshing out its vlog-focused camera lineup with the full-frame ZV-E1, Sony is now updating its bread-and-butter point-and-shoot that kicked off the ZV family. The new ZV-1 II is an $899.99 camera with a one-inch-type sensor, wider zoom lens than its predecessor, and various quality of life improvements vying to make it a worthwhile sequel to the ZV-1 of 2020. The $429.99 Canon PowerShot V10 is about the size of an extra-thick deck of cards that packs a fixed 19mm equivalent f/2.8 lens and marries it to a 20.9-megapixel one-inch-type sensor. It is geared toward filming yourself with an articulating screen, front and rear record buttons, stereo mics with a 3.5mm mic jack, a Micro HDMI port, digital image stabilization, and a kickstand for propping it up. It’s expected to launch in June.

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0:00 What’s a good vlogging camera?
0:28 Sony ZV-1 II review
2:57 Canon PowerShot V10 review
5:00 REALLY hot take about the V10
5:36 Why creators just use their phone
6:34 ZV-1 vs. V10 footage
7:36 A great view

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