Sony’s new $2,200 camera vs. an iPhone 14 Pro

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The new Sony ZV-E1 is a compact mirrorless full-frame camera that’s dedicated to content creators and aimed squarely at vloggers. It’s the new flagship offering of Sony’s established ZV line of vlog-centric cameras, taking a similar 12-megapixel backside-illuminated full-frame sensor as the pro-focused FX3 and mixing in the A7R V’s AI autofocus smarts to reduce the friction in making high-quality video content. So how does it compare to one of the most popular everyday cameras in America: the iPhone 14 Pro? #Sony #Technology #Vlog

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0:00 What is the Sony ZV-E1?
0:34 Sony’s ZV lineup
0:43 ZV-E1 Hardware
1:14 ZV-E1 Specs
1:45 ZV-E1 Software
2:37 ZV-E1 Sample Footage
3:32 Color Science
3:45 Low-light
4:06 Auto Focus
4:30 Audio Quality
5:19 Stabilization
5:51 Auto Framing
6:10 CineVlog ❤️
6:41 ZV-E1 vs. iPhone 14 Pro
7:47 Lack of Vertical Tools
8:49 Creators’ App
9:31 Conclusion
9:51 The Big “But”

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