The iPhone Pro Mirrorless Camera Holy Grail Doesn’t Exist

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The iPhone 14 Pro has one of the best cameras on any phone. But could it ever replace a professional mirrorless camera?
For over a decade, professional photographers, enthusiasts and filmmakers have had a phone camera holy grail. What if you could have a truly large image sensor, like you’d find in a high-end mirrorless camera, and a lens mount that could attach to a phone? If that sounds familiar, it’s because everyone from Samsung, Panasonic, Motorola and Sony have in some way flirted with the idea. A month ago, Xiaomi, the world’s third-largest phone maker, rekindled the quest by showing off a prototype of a 12S Pro phone with a 1-inch camera sensor that also has a lens mount for Leica glass. But we should know better than to get our hopes up again.

00:00 iPhone 14 Series
01:27 Image Sensors
02:46 Computational Photography & Hardware
05:25 Xiaomi Prototype
06:54 Apple
08:27 Leica
08:58 A Decade Long Quest

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